15 September 2005

Shirt Progress

Another few hours on the shirt. This is progress at 11hrs.

In other news, a new fabric shop opened in the last few weeks and they have WOOL!! So I checked it out yesterday. They had limited supply but enough to get me excited. I got 5m of bottle green in a nice tabby weave. I plan to make an Anlgo-Saxon tunic. This will be the undertunic to go with my maroon over tunic. I also have the wool voile for the veil, that just needs hemming. I am hoping to get the tunic done for Spring War in a couple of weeks. Might be plain, due to lack of time, but I do plan on doing some embroidery for around the neck and cuffs, possibly the bottom hem, depending on time etc.

I also picked up some wool blend in black. I have been hanging out for this as its the final bit I need to make my overdress. It will be a pale camel with black trim, after the two women on the left in the Lucas de Heere drawing from 1570. This will give me something to wear over my olive dress, that is warm but not as full on as my black ropa type coat.

I also got 3 and a bit m of a nice dark brown. Nothing it mind but it will come in handy for something.

That's about it for now. My next big project will be 12th Night, 2006. We are hosting and since I'm Lady in Waiting to our Baroness, I think I am going to have to come up with something nice. Only problem is that it is going to be stinking hot!! I might need to have several outfits. Something for the day, something for Court and something for after Court.