17 October 2005

Outlining of Shirt Pieces

After a mild panic attack, the washing has worked. All of the pink transfer pencil is now out of the linen. It was touch and go, but a little bit of press wash stain remover got the last really tough bits of pencil out. Even in the edge seams where it was folded over into the seam. I washed and pressed all the pieces twice. After the second soak, quite a bit of black dye came out of the silk, but it didn't bleed into the fabric, so all is good. The linen comes up so nice when it's pressed.

I've started going around the edges of the various pieces. I did the two gussets and two sleeves last night. It will probably take a couple of nights to get the body piece done, but that's too be expected due to the size. So, with a bit of luck, I should be able to put it together on the weekend. I think it should only take me two or so hours to hand sew the sleeves, gussets and body together. I will have to time it for future reference because I think I am going to need to take it apart and reassemble each time I wash it. It will just be too hard to press the embroidery if it's not in flat pieces.

The only other thing I have to do is to make gussets for the neck, and for the small section that joins the body. The original doesn't have a facing for the front slit, but I am going to put one in, I think it will sit better if I do. Just hope I've got enough of the linen left. Also, after this weekends clean up, I hope I can find it!

Beth - Yes, I always use some sort of hoop or frame when I'm embroidering. If I was working with really thick wool, I probably wouldn't, as that would have enough body to hold, but I find it very difficult to work any finer fabric without a hoop or frame. But it's purely a matter of personal preference. I think my work distorts less because of the tension that a frame or hoop provides. I also find working in hand (ie without a hoop), very hard on my hands, they cramp up very easily.

Gina - Yes, I will definately be posting a picture of the finished item.