14 October 2005

Blackwork Shirt Embroidery Complete

Well, the day has finally arrived. I have finished the embroidery on the shirt. The next stage is to wash and press the panels a couple of times before they get sewn up. I can do this one of two ways, just traditional sewing together or I can do it like the original, which is to use insertion stitches to put it all together. While I am really keen to get it done, doing it the second, traditional way is really appealing to me at this stage. After 109 hours, whats another ten or so putting it together this way. I will have to do this after washing, because the silk tends to felt a bit (I've used similar finishings around the neck of a square necked chemise). So after they are washed and pressed (I am doing that to get all the shrinkage in the embroidery out of the way before I sew it together. Once it's together it will be hard to iron the embroidery. But once it's been washed its less of an issue) I can then go around the edges of all the pieces in buttonhole stitch. I will then join the pieces together with some sort of insertion stitch. Not sure what yet. I will have to do some research.

I decided not to work the back of the shirt. It would look better, but realistically, no one will see the back except for a small section at the back of my head and I'd much rather just get it finished at this stage. People will get the full impact from the front and that is done.

I am calling this project complete from the embroidery perspective. Although you could call the joining embroidery, but hey, I just want to call it finished!