11 October 2005

Transfer Techniques

There are a variety of ways to transfer designs onto fabric. One of my favourite ways is to use an iron on transfer pencil. These are very simple to use, all you need some tracing paper and a design. You basically trace the design onto the tracing paper using the transfer pencil. You then flip over the tracing paper and use an iron to transfer the design to your fabric. You need to be using a light coloured fabric for this to work, but it doesn't have to be super light coloured to work. Also, you have to be careful as this type of pencil requires washing to remove. So you either have to be sure you will cover the design with your sewing or do it on a fabric that can be washed.

This method is very handy if you are using the same design or motif multiple times. As you can usually get several impressions before you have to retrace the design.

I have used this method of pattern transfer on several of my projects, including the caul, Warwick Shirt, Anglo-Saxon Collar and Cuffs and my various largess projects.

I thought I'd also add how I deal with transfering designs to dark fabrics. This method isn't pretty or elegant but it works for me!! Basically, I work alot of my designs on computer or when I have free-handed a design I photocopy it. I then use chalk pencils of light colours and draw over the design. I then flip it to put the chalk side in contact with the fabric. This is all laid on a solid, flat surface. Then I basically just bash the hell out of it with my hand. This generally transfers enough of the design to the fabric that I then go over it directly with the chalk pencil. It's a variation on the traditional prick and pounce method, but without mucking around putting alot of small holes in something. This is the method I used with my Icelandic Cushion project and Lady Gro Pouch.