26 November 2005

BBQ and Sewing

I had to have a quick trip over town to buy some more red yarn for my pouch. Had a look at Spotlight and found the most gorgeous fabric. Unfortunately, the fabulousness of the fabric is reflected in the price - $64/m ouch! I think I am going to get some, but I will wait a few months until the price comes down. It is the most gorgeous natural colour, silk/linen blend with scrolling vines on it in brown, with randomn chenille flowers and satin stitch leaves. It screamed late 16th Century / early 17th Century jacket to me.

Another BBQ on Saturday, was a friends birthday. Took my pouch along, and got the red filling on the flowers done on the back of the pouch. Always looks nicer when the red is put in. We then went out, I had an early night and was home by 12.30pm. Adam stayed out a bit longer.