1 November 2005

Increasing Blog Traffic

Just a bit of shameless self-promotion. If you would like more people to read your blog, one way to do so is to join some sort of blog directory. My favourite is BlogExplosion. Basically, you log in, surf blogs, get credit. Your credit is then spent getting other people to look at your blog in the same way. There is also the ability to categorise your blog so that anyone (including people not signed up to BlogExplosion) can find blogs of interest. This is better than most directories because you KNOW people will be looking at your blog, not something that can always be guarenteed with other directories. So if you'd like to join up, check out BlogExplosion and see if your interested.

PS. The above link says that you've come to BlogExplosion via my website. This means I will get some extra credits for the referal. This is another way to earn credits.