9 February 2006

Buttonhole vs Blanket Stitch

I originally posted this as a part of the update below but I think it deserves it's own post.

Just a word on the eyelets. Because eyelets will get a certain amount of wear from the drawstrings rubbing against them, it is better to use buttonhole stitch to work them, not blanket stitch. Some people use the terms interchangably, but they are different stitches and having done eyelets in both stitches, I can say for a fact that buttonhole wears better and looks better.

UPDATE: Glenda commented that she couldn't see any real difference. Buttonhole is what is classified as a knotted stitch. The loop produces a small knot at the edge of the stitch. The significance of this is that when using it to reinforce a buttonhole or eyelet (for say drawstrings), the knots give a more sturdy edge and therefore hold up to the wear and tear better. So basically it's a stronger stitch.