17 February 2006

SCA Embroidery Guild Newsletters

While tracking down historical embroidery patterns can sometimes be a challenge, there are plenty of resources out there, it is just a matter of know where to look. One great source, are the various embroidery guilds within the SCA. Most have some sort of webpage or even better, ongoing resources such as newsletters.

The West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild has a very helpful site, with lots of great articles and also many back issues of their newsletter available for download. This newsletter always has great articles and also a pattern page which is very useful if you aren't a confident designer.

The Atlantian Embroiderers Guild is another great site. The highlight of this site is the excellent listing of extant examples of period embroidery and a great book list. There are also many cross-stitch patterns for various kingdoms, groups and offices.

The Worshipful Company of Broiderers of Lochac also has some helpful information. In addition to a newsletter (which has lots of patterns for both counted and non-counted items), there are also some great articles about historical embroidery.