15 March 2006

The Bits You Don't Normally See

Racaire has asked me to put up an image of the back of my Blackwork shirt, to get an idea of what it looks like. I am willing to do this as part of my ongoing "not all blackwork is reversible" campaign. BTW, I am always looking for new recruits. So here it is.

Now while I don't adhere religiously to the Victorian-era influenced people who say the back MUST be as neat as the front (which is how I was taught by the way), there are practical reasons for keeping your back neat. The neater you back, the less chance of getting tangles. Less tangles, less chance of the back getting caught on things and getting damaged. And yes, I use knots. I will not apologise! This item is going to get washed so I think knots are necessary. Having said that, I also make sure that a section of the thread is worked into a previously completed section of the sewing to add even more of an anchor point. So basically I use both techniques to start/finish a section.

Anyone else want to show their back sides? ;-)