16 March 2006

Sweetbag Progress

Due to the Commonwealth Games starting last night, there was crap on TV. And the only thing I had on the frame to work on was my sweetbag. So I pulled it out and got a couple of hours on it. Boy my arms hurt from holding the frame. I really don't like working this sort of project. But I will endure, cause I really want to have full suite of Elizabethan embroidered items. I am also about to put a coif on the frame. It will use exactly the same floral motifs as the sweetbag, but will be worked in detatched buttonhole.

Project for the upcoming Easter holidays, is to learn plaited braid stitch. Speaking of which, I came across an interesting article by Jennie Durkin, called "Loop-stitch Embroidery: Peruvian and Elizabethan". Bascially, she is arguing that one of the stitches used to make the goldwork vines seen on many Elizabethan items wasn't always plaited-braid stitch (which I agree with), but was a version of Celyon stitch which was introduced to England from Peru (here I think her evidence is a bit weaker). I am going to do further investigation.