18 March 2006

A Three Shower Day

Adam came to pick up the last of his stuff from the house and the shed. So I took the opportunity to go through all my boxes of stuff. I managed to get rid of a fair amount of stuff and I brought a bit up to the house. Various bits of china and chrystal that I'd inherited from my grandmothers. Nothing terribly valuable, but things I liked. So I have a nice set of four tea cups, saucers and plates. These will fit in nicely withe '50's colours I've painted the cupboard doors in the kitchen (pink, green, yellow and blue). There is also a full set of chrystal (sugar bowl, milk jug, platter, etc) Not sure when I will use these. A nice green water jug and cups etc. I have decided there is no point having these wrapped up in the shed. So I am going to have them in the house and use them.

The shed is now much less cramped. I have four plastic tubs of stuff (mainly glassware, bottles, candles) that I have collected over the years that I am never going to use, so I am either going to sell it or give it away. That will give me even more room. So I am going to see if there is anything in the house that could be moved to the shed, to give me a bit more space here.

I have also filled in some gaps in the shed, sprayed liberally with pesticide in hopes of reducing the various bugs that inhabit the shed and also keeping the dust and dirt down. When the shed was next door, it was oriented differently and it never got dirty in there, now it's filthy. Hence the need for three showers yesterday. But hopefully plugging gaps will slow the dirt.

By the end of the day I was very tired, so no sewing. Just vegging out.