27 April 2006

Fitted Gown Finished

Well, after about 5 hours sewing last night, I got all the trim on the Fitted Coat finished. Just needs a final press, adding huge hook and eyes I managed to find at Spotlight and de-cat furring it's done.

Pressed the black dress bodice, got it sewn to the skirt and the lining finished off. Just need to add trim, hooks and eyes and lacing rings. I want trim, as it helps hold the lining in place and makes the hooks and eyes work better. I have two really nice laces I could use, but I think they are a bit fancy. So I got some black velveteen, and will just add strips. I really want some fancy, but it just wouldn't be a middle class outfit if I did that. I might have to make a nice court gown so I can go to town with the decorations!!

Once I get the trim on the black dress, it is basically done, only sitting in front of tv work. So if I have enough fabric, I am going to see if I can get a set of sleeves out of the tan fabric, slashed with black lining. That will look good with the black dress and fitted gown. And since the weather has been cool this week, I will probably need them.

Thanks to Baggy Trousers for the advice on sleeves. I think part of my problem is trying to get the distinct shape of the half sleeve. I will do a slightly different shape on the full lenghth sleeve, less full at the top of the sleeve. The stripes should cover that issue.

Sorry about no photos, but the dress looks like crap on the hanger, so you guys are gonna have to wait until the weekend, so I can get good shots!!