28 April 2006

Slashed Sleeves Done

Finally some eye candy! I started and finished a set of tie on slashed sleeves to go with the new black dress. I'm actually very happy with how they turned out. I've never used slashing before, but I think it will work out OK. The wool is left overs from the second fitted gown. They are lined with black linen. The second photo has the slashed pulled apart so you can see the lining.

I got the sleeves for that cut out today as well, that needed to be done first to make sure there was enough wool. Got the stripe pattern worked out but haven't started applying the trim. With a bit of luck, I will get to that after the weekend.

I got the trim onto the black dress. But when I went to sew up the front skirt seam, the length was off. So I had to undo about 3 inches of the bodice/skirt seam, pull a bit up and re-sew. This meant that the trim was off. So after I'd unpicked the handsewn side, I realised there was a join in the trim that I could use to take up the excess. Bugger, at least it wasn't the machine sewn side that I'd ripped out. Then, when I was taking out the excess, I almost took out too much!! A lesson in working late at night and rushing.