3 June 2006

This Sucks!!

I am so pissed off. I went to the only shop in the city with wool and the bloody thing has closed down. I was going to go last weekend but other things came up and I thought, that's cool, next weekend will be fine. No it won't. I'd been saving up for ages to have a big shop, to get some more of the lovely pea green for a Viking coat and some teal for maybe an Elizabethan doublet dress. I got there and it was closed, the guy who owns it was just going in and I asked and he said they shut the week before.

It such a minor thing but it put me in a foul mood and now I'm really down. I know I shouldn't let the little things like this bug me, but they do. It was made worse by the fact I was going to go to see X-Men but it wasn't on at the movies close to me. And I didn't feel like going to the next closest ones. So totally bummed. I went and spent the money on the last two seasons of Star Trek Enterprise instead. They never got around to showing those on free to air TV. Just getting up to them on Foxtel but I just needed a bit of a boost. So I watched the first couple of episodes. I am rationing so I have something to watch on the upcoming long weekend.