5 June 2006

TV and Sewing

Got a bit more done on my coif. No more progress pictures. Watched some more eps of Enterprise, more than I should have but I was enjoying them. I know most people pan it, but I like it.

Things were picking up until I checked my email. I didn't go to Sunday Baronial meeting. Weather was yucky, probably good enough to go, but I just couldn't get motivated. Probably a good thing cause in my email was another message complaining about the group website. How it needs more exciting stuff and hasn't been updated. Well, you can't update if you have no new content. It was just the proverbial straw, so I got really depressed after that. I had been thinking about chucking in the webmistress job, now I have pretty much decided. When I took over, it hadn't been updated in 3 years. I try to keep it fresh, but it's a loosing battle, so now it can be someone elses problem.