12 February 2007

Klosterstitch Concerns

I am having second thoughts about my Klosterstitch project. When I finally pulled the yarn out to start work on it on the weekend, I realised how thin the yarn was. I worked on it for 3 hours and seemed to make very little progress. I realise part of this could be because of the area I am working on, the very longest part done in a single colour. If I was to work on say the flowers or the black outlining, which will work up quickly in stem stitch, I'm sure I'd be more motivated.

But even taking that into account, it's going to take me several hundred hours to get this one and I don't know that I want to spend that much time on a project that really isn't going to be of much use then it's finished. Right now, I am considering changing the type of yarn I am using. I love the Renaissance Dyes yarn, but they are just too thin. I'm thinking of Appletons, which when pulled tight, is only slightly thicker but enough that it could save me the need to do two or three lines of sewing on the same amount of pattern. The other alternative is to go one size higher and use something like Paterna. I want something that will work up fast but still allow me to work the very small details. Either way, I am going to loose a weeks sewing time before I can get to the shop to check out if Appletons have the right colours.

Added to which, the stitching looks like crap, Racaires is so much nicer!! ;-)

Racaire, do you keep a record on how long you spend on a project? Even though yours is configured slightly differently to mine, they are about the same size (in height anyway). How many hours to you think you've worked on yours so far??


could you make a detail photo of your stitches?

Do I have to?? (Said in whiny voice!).

Yep, I can do that. I'm sure I will get better. The latter rows are looking better than the first few. I was trying different angles and lengths for the holding stitch and they were getting better.


...sorry, I forgot to answer your question:
No I don't keep records for my 'bigger' projects (blue bayeux dress, wallhanging) and I am not sure if I really want to know how much time I spend working at my wallhanging till now and how much additional time I will need (I think it will be finished before the year ends and I hope I will finish it till September but I am not sure - and its better than playing Computer Games)...

for me it works very good with longer holding/couching stitches and I am sure you only need some practise (I had a little practise in Klosterstich before I began with the wallhanging)
...and I am looking forward to see more pictures of your wallhanging :*


I know what you mean about keeping a record, I think it can be scary when you realise how much time you put into things. I think you are making great progress. If it's taking too long, you could always cut down the number of panels. Do 6 (3 x 2) instead of 8 (4 x 2). Often odd numbers look better in this sort of design.


cutting down to 3x2 is not possible for me, because I want to show 4 different stories with 2 windows pro story...
but I am not sure if I will only make 4x2 or if I will change to 5x2 windows (maybe + the window with the maid and the unicorn and maybe one window for a coat of arms + name