12 February 2007

Klosterstitch - Detail of Centre Quatrefoil

This is the rough outline of the centre quatrefoil. This post is in response to some feedback from Racaire:

dear laren,please don't get me wrong but I studied the pictures of the
Malterer-Teppich for too long time... therefore:after making the wall a
little larger than the original wall - why don't you make the women a
little bit larger too(I suppose this should be you) and put her in the
middle of the window (like in the original) than she would be in the
middle of the wallhanging too you could make her dress ending at a
thought line between the left and right inner frameline or you could
make the dress ending where the round border begins...on the left side
- is this a shelf?what about putting your table with some needlework
stoff to the left?and maybe a suggestion if you like to make a second
window: whats about the window with the unicorn? you could easily put a
needle with a thread or a pair of scissors in her right hand and a
frame/frame with fabric/fabric in the left hand :)making such
suggestion to someone else is very easy - yeah, I know this very well -
if you would like some help with the design, please let me know and I
will try to do my best to draw a sample (and I won't be angry if you
don't like or don't use it)Kisses Raca

From me:

This is a pretty rough draft of the middle panel. The idea is this. The large square on the left hand side of the quatrefoil is an embroidery frame. On this I am going to work a design, based on other 14th C German wallhangings. I have this design worked out, just didn't put it on the design yet. I will give the lady (which is meant to be me), some hands, one of which will be holding a needle with yarn on it. The object to my right is a table, with basket on it. I will put some skeins of yarn peaking out over the top of the basket. And then just the roof and wall on the right. I probably could move the whole scene to the right a bit but then I would have no where for the frame to be leaning against. I don't want the frame to be held up by any other structure as I've not seen evidence for this in this period. So having it a bit off centre is a necessity for the scene to make sense.

I've pretty much decided on heraldry for the third panel as this follows the symmetry of the original with starts and finishes with an heraldic panel. I didn't want to use any of the designs as straight copies from the original, as it's for a competition entry and you get points for originality but I have used elements (the castle wall and roof and the table with basket).

But thanks for the comments as I helps me to get straight in my head what I am trying to achieve and a fresh set of eyes are always helpful.


Merci, many thanks for your explanations - that makes sense to me :)