3 May 2007

Car Trouble

My car was up for rego this week. I took it in and it failed. So I've been running around getting it fixed. So with a bit of luck, it will all be sorted out by tomorrow. That's why I haven't been posting. Also, I haven't been doing anything to post about! Although I started to make some slippers from old blankets last night, will post pics later.


Have you fixed your car? Having a car trouble is such a headache. You have spend some bucks for the repair and you cannot use the car for days. Just a week ago, I've been having problems with my gm oldsmobile parts, I had to take it to a shop to have it checked. It was a blown head gasket and a leaky radiator. I had to buy a new one. sigh.. Anyways, I hope it would be fixed soon.. and looking forward to see the pics..