4 May 2007

Please Send Money - The Trevelyon Miscellany

I am only half kidding, dear reader. The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 has finally been published by the Folger Shakespeare Library. It is $750US or $1500AU. Ouch. I am trying to get my library at work to buy it, but it's gonna be a hard sell.

In case you were wondering why I'm mentioning it here, one of the most famous sections of the miscellany is the large number of embroidery patterns it contains. It also contains all sorts of other things of interest to the person wandering around Shakespeares England, dates for local fairs, astronomy, Bibical quotes and stories, agricultural information etc etc.



Wouldn't it just be the greatest treat to have!!?? Oh, I envy you being there and possibly having first access to it. I worked once upon a time at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Textile Conservation. I was privey to all the archives of gorgeous stitchery and there were tons of things!! Just unimaginable!! I nearly had to tell myself to breath just looking at them. So, I wish you luck in getting them to purchase the book. I'd die to see some of the Elizabethan stitchery and ancient things....

Nowhere NEAR $A1500, in fact at the current rates it's less than $950. Sure I don't have that down the back of the sofa ... But it's only three months of no treats, not five!

sod that, go over to Amazon UK and they're there for the equivalent of $632! A mere bagatelle!

Miss D,

True, but the thing weighs 17 pounds, can you imagine the postage on that sucker??!!? ;-)


But remember, the rather cheaper Walpole Society article has plates from both the Folger Miscellany and the one in a private collection. True, not all the Folger designs, but a good scattering.