7 September 2007

Giving Embroidery Movement

Split Stitch Banner Device, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Sigarda is currently working on a piece whose design is based on the Lindisfarne Gospels. The coversation turned to stitch selection. She is currently working a section in chain stitch. I suggested that using split stitch might give the work some movement. It's a bit hard to describe what I mean, but it's the effect you get when you hold this work up to the light at an angle, and it has light coming off in different directions, following the direction of the stitching. Even though it's flat, their is direction and texture in the work.

The silk heraldic work above hints at what I'm talking about.


aaaaaaaaaaah!!! crystal clear, got it now!! thanks!

I used to use chain stitch a lot, but recently switched to split stitch and find that it does give a more even and subtle effect.

The split stitch definately deserves all the promotion it can get. It's easy to work with and always looks well executed.

And as always your embroidery looks excellent. I've missed pictures of your historic embroidery. Hopefully there's more to come in the future. :)


I think I can see what you mean :)

I prefer split stitch simply because I enjoy stitching it better. I think it lends itself to a more Elizabethan look, as well.
Deb in FL