5 September 2007

Not Feeling The Love

People, I am not feeling the love. There is a distinct lack of comments on the blog. Are my posts boring?

So, I am going to use a tried and true method to get some feedback - bribery!! ;-)

I have a heap of Aunt Martha and other transfers for embroidery that I don't have any use for. So if you would like some free transfers, please leave a comment on any of the posts on this blog.

Feel free to comment on an old post or one of the newer topics. Comment on the post or a general comment on what you like about this blog or what could be done to improve it.

Or, post a link to your blog or pictures of your embroidery work so we can all check it out. At the end of the week, every comment (that's right, each comment earns an entry) will be put in a hat (either Elizabethan cap or Aussie Akubra) and I will draw three names to receive transfers. Comment early, comment often!!


Thanks for showing your progresses ;-) Ann.

I have just discovered your blog! Are you still working on those really nice Elizabethan slips? I love those!!! Am a historical needlework enthusiast (translate that mean I am a needlework nerd - ha ha!) Thank you for sharing your blog.

...nearly every day I visit your blog :)
but I was very busy the last days (and weeks) btw. would you like to join our new challenge?

Hmmm... my Google reader feed isn't working properly on your blog (it only shows January) - which is why I haven't been around and reading! Back to manually finding you, I guess!

OK, you made me look up Akubra... I had no idea that was what it was called.

Sorry I've been quiet recently - horribly busy and horribly ill, both at the same time.


oh you poor thing! sorry, i visit regularly but stay quiet most of the time. you think a BIG HUG will do?

Just happened by on accident. I love your flower bag and ive added you to my list of blogs to read! mel

Oh, Laren, this is the pits! You have wonderful stitchery and blogging which I come see regularly, and you shouldn't have to bribe anyone!! Be brave! Stitch on and come see me sometime, too!! http://lavenroseramblings.blogspot.com/

Deb in FL

I've been out of touch electronically for a few months. I particularly missed reading about your embroidery projects. Best wishes!
Beth (different Beth ... not Beth's dresses)

I think I know how you feel.

I just started a costuming blog, "Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog", about two weeks ago, and have barely gotten any comments.

I like your blog, but the last time I tried any serious embroidery was during my childhood. I quickly concluded that, for me, it was too much work for too little joy. But I still enjoy looking at your work, even when I don't have anything much to say about it!

Keep up the wonderful embroidery! And if you get a chance, stop by my blog: