12 February 2008

Pharaoh Home

I picked Pharaoh up just before lunch. He was pretty happy to see me. I was going to help get him from his cage into his carry box but I didn't need to. When I told them that if they just hold the box up to the cage he would probably just walk in, they seemed a bit sceptical. But they tried it and he did!

So I dropped him home, he was able to walk (if some what wobbly). As soon as the door was open on his carrier he me a bee line for the back of the house. I thought for the litter tray but was for his food! So his appetite is fine, and I gave him treats. So with a bit of luck we will have some path results back tomorrow, find out what is wrong and start drugs and hopefully fatten him up a bit!!


Good to hear he's back on his feet (even if a little wobbly). :)