14 February 2008

I am So Mad (Swearing Involved in Post)

I just called the vet to see if Pharaohs results were in and to see if they'd come up with a treatment plan (if whatever is wrong with him is treatable). They haven't sent the fucking tissue samples off yet! Even if they send them today it might be Saturday before results. I don't know that Pharaoh has that long. The op was Monday, it's now Thursday morning. Then I got what can only be described as a piss poor attitude from the vet I spoke to. I don't like this guy, he's the one that won't even touch Pharaoh to examine him. So I don't go to him. So I said I was a bit upset that nothing had been done yet, as Pharaoh wasn't in great condition and days delay could see him not make it, and then the vet said, "Well, if he's that bad maybe it's not worth wasting the money doing the tests". Well it would've been fucking nice to know that before I spent the $800 dollars on the operation. Maybe it's not worth me paying the fucking bill using that logic. I am not happy. I will let the regular vet know I am not happy. And if I find out that something could've been done for Pharaoh but the delay then meant there was no solution, I am going to be very, very mad. Well, madder than I am now and that's pretty fucking ropable.