14 February 2008

Vet Just Called (Swearing Free Post)

The vet just called back. He must've picked up on my less than happy demeanor and done some checking. They have sent the samples and are expecting results tomorrow. I am still not happy, but as everyday counts tomorrow is better than Saturday. Now I just hope it's something we can fix.


I'm so sorry Pharaoh has to suffer while you wait for morons to do their jobs. You'd think they'd be more conscientious about their patients.

My heart goes out to you and Mr. P. He's in my prayers.

I am so sorry reading your posts re. Pharaohs illness & vets lack of treatment plan. It makes me sad. I am hoping they get to the bottom of the problem & figure out an acceptable plan of treatment.

Whatever the results are, I hope that they are good. I have two pussycats myself, and don't know what I'd do without them