13 July 2008

Banners and Toile

Completed Banners in Hall, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Luce was kind enough to offer to help me fit a proper toile. We used the method on the Cotte Simple website. I will probably use the toile for a Gothic Fitted Gown but I can use it as a basis for just about anything else as well. It's a good process but you really need another person to do it properly. I want something simple and plain to wear but with more shape than my Anglo-Saxon, otherwise known as a potato sack!

After we'd finished that (which took about 2 hrs) I crashed and collapsed in front of the tellie. I was able to do some guilt free sewing. I haven't done much cause every spare minute was spent on the banners.

Above is an image of the banners as they looked on the weekend.


They look amazing!