12 July 2008

Tocal 2008

I had an early start for Tocal, got up and packed the car. I tried to be minimalist this year. Usually I take way too much stuff! So this year there was a conscious effort to keep the unnecessary stuff to a minimum. Got there at about 10am. Only two other people there, so I got stuff out of the car and moved it close to where the rooms were. We unpacked their car, they had most of the food. When we got keys for the room, I put my stuff away and got changed. I decided to go Anglo-Saxon this year. It's more comfy and warmer. It was a good call. It was the coldest Tocal we've had in ages.

Food as usual was good and copius. There were problems with the oven, which meant a couple of dishes weren't done properly and the chicken didn't make it out at all, which was a shame, cause Almond Stuff Chicken sounded tasty!

Court was good and after the food was done everyone just wandered around chatting and catching up.

I left at 7am, so I missed out on clean up. But all the cooking crew had to leave early as well so we'd cleaned up all the kitchen stuff the night before. I got home by 8.30am. Then spent the next 4 hours cleaning up the house!!