28 February 2012

UFO Update (Sort Of)

So, I'd planned on having a nice update on the current UFO I am trying to finish. Well, on the bright side, the top is now done. I plan on sending it to a shop to be quilted. I have come to the realisation that I will never get any quilts done if I hand quilt them all. So this lap quilt is a nice test run. I did take photo's of it last week, but the light was poor and the colours were way off. I had planned on taking more photos over the weekend, but a combination of over cast skies and a sudden urge to clean (which happens so rarely is should never be put off) and I didn't get it done. Also, I have totally stuffed my neck. No lateral movement at all. So, some sewing done (couldn't do much more than watch tv for two days) and a much cleaners craft room still counts as a win. I hope to have photos in the next couple of days. Might need to bring to work with me to get a day time shot.