1 March 2012

Clean Up and Fabric Donation

So I didn't get around to taking any photos of the UFO. But I did manage to clean up my craft space a little bit. I found several bits of fabric I won't use, so I posted to my main quilting group and got a list of people and groups working on quilts for donation to worthy causes. I have sent off two large parcels of quilting fabric which will now be made into quilts for people who really need them. And I hope to send some more once the clean up is complete!

Do YOU have any of that "Oh my God, what was I thinking when I bought that fabric"? Why not see about donating it to a group making quilts or other items for those not having the best of times? If you are in Australia and would like a couple of names let me know!!

In an effort to add some colour, here are the blocks I currently have for the next UFO on the list to complete. I need to make another seven blocks and then just add a border. Should get this additional blocks done this week. A bit more time consuming as they are hand stitched.