22 December 2003


Well, I finished off the last of the background couching, or so I thought. I did all the background but there was some uneveness between the rows of couching, they were a bit too wide. So I decided to put another column down some parts, which of course, spread to putting a new column between every other one. I must admit though, it does look better and will probably make it more sturdy and last longer. So I should finish putting the extra columns in tonight. It should then be ready for construction over Christmas. Only problem is I don't know how to put it together! Anyone know how they made up cushions in 14th Century Iceland??

Linn, great to see the Celtic Alphabet finished.

Dani glad to hear you are feeling better. I only started stitching with silks this year and I have to say I don't think I will ever go back to cotton. Give the Au Ver A Soie D'Alger a go, very nice. They are what got me hooked on silks.

Hazel, I've tried to keep a written journal several times but it never lasts long. This blog has been the longest I have kept going with anything resembling a journal.