21 December 2003

Time Warp?

What is it with needlework sometime? Last weekend, I sat down for a good five hours, and while I did make progress, it didn't seem much and it was hard work. Yesterday, I started late, only did a few hours and got four times as much done?? So I have now finished putting all the background thread in and only have maybe half an hour of couching to finish it off!! I am now ahead of schedule again. It was definately some sort of time warp. But a good one. So with a bit of luck (and a new overlocker!) I will definately have it finished by Christmas. That way I can post it straight after Christmas and it should get to Stormhold in time for 12th Night. Yeah.

I went and swapped the overlocker yesterday. I found out that the salesman had put the box in his car to take home. The freaky thing is, when he was packing it up on Thursday, we started talking about cardboard box hoarding and he said he was terrible for it. Never liked to throw any out in case they come in handy!! Well, this time they did. It meant that they would be able to re-pack it, which made me feel better, cause it meant they wouldn't loose any money for giving good customer service.