4 March 2004

More Prep and Needlepoint

Well, did more prep sewing on the high necked smocks. Another hour or so out of the way to leave time for "proper sewing" up of the garments.

I also bought another scroll frame yesterday for working on a couple of pre-printed DMC needlepoint canvases I bought. They had been in a the shop for ages and I'd been looking at them for about 2 years before I finally caved. They are a matching pair of quasi-medieval hunting scenes, well sort of. One has a dog and the other a deer, running acoss a field. They are quite small only about 20cm long. I figure I can make them into a wall hanging or something like that. They are going to be backup projects, something that takes very little thought and that I can just drag around when needed. I will put up a photo tonight.