3 March 2004

Not So Eureka

Looks like I may have been a bit premature with that eureka yesterday. I checked the book and couldn't find the image. Looks like I will have to contact the author of the article and see if I can get a proper citation for the image.

On a more positive note, I got a bit more prep work done on the chemises I have to get finished. It was only grunt work but its all got to be done.

I am also in the bad books with my cats. Our next door neighbour had to go into hospital for tests and asked us to feed his cats. Our cats put up with next doors cats but they aren't friends. So when I was in next door feeding them, Cleo was sitting in the cat run (which runs along the fence with next door) and was crying her little heart out, not at all happy that I was consorting with THOSE cats!! Apparently she went inside and dobbed me into Adam, who told her he couldn't help and she would have to complain at me. At which point she ran outside and started up at me again!!

Poor next door kitties, they are missing their Dad very much. I hope things go well at hospital.