15 April 2004

Back Safe and Sound

Well, I made it back. I am really tired but I had a great time.

Lots of driving, got there at 3am, set up tents in bed by 5am then up at 7am for the first day!! Lots of getting to know the camp and running into people who I had only previously talked to on the net or via email.

I took lots of classes, missed quite a few as well due to conflicts or other things happening (like being just too tired to walk up the hill to the A & S tents one more time!!).

I put my films in yesterday so I should be getting those back today. I only took two rolls of film. The big SLR was just too much to carry around. I need to get a small 35mm camera for my pouch.

Spent way too much money on market day, but picked up some stuff I had been needing for a while. I also spent alot on pearls and beads for embroidery and spent a ridiculous amount on books, actually on one book in particular - Queen Elizabeths Wardrobe Unlock'd. I had to get it, if you do Elizabethan it is THE book.

The word for this Festival was DUST. It was everywhere and in everything. The area was bone dry (therefore the total fire ban). But I would much rather dust than mud.

So more later when I get pics and my brain is working.