21 April 2004

Returning to Normal

Well, I think I have finally recovered from Festival. One thing I forgot to mention was that I was awarded a prize in court for being Company Champion. That was pretty cool. It was two period style slate frames. I also got a prize for the previous competition that I'd one. It was a pair of small snip shears. My current WIP is a cover for it - Scissor Sheath. I am working it on 28 count linen in tent stitch. The inspiration is an Elizabethan Knife Sheath held at the V and A Museum. It should be a fairly quick piece. I am doing it in the Eterna Stranded silk. It should have a lovely sheen. I am still deciding about the goldwork. Do I do it in some sort of braid or plait stitch, as was done in period or should I just do quick couching? This is going to be a working object, so I want to get it done quickly and not spend too much time on it in case it gets wrecked. This is progress at 1 hour (including set up, about 15 mins stitching time - it took me a few goes to work out the number of stranded to use for good coverage).

I still have alot of tidying up to do. But my craft/work room is returning to a semblance of normality. Actually, its better than normal as I managed to create some more space for the numerous folders I have collected. Each folder covers a specific embroidery topic and I have quite a few. Up until the weekend they were just on the floor, always getting in the way. But now I have room in my book case for them. I am thinking about moving some more stuff from the bookcase that I don't use very often to create more storage room for stuff that I do use. It will keep me out of trouble on the weekend.

Since the weather is starting to cool down, I feel like doing some cooking. So I am going to buy a heap of mince and make up some stuff for the freezer - bolognaise sauce, cottage pies, meatballs. All stuff that can be thawed and used. The meatballs are good cause you can use them to bolster other meals, like throwing some in soup etc.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I will be blogging more regularly again now that Easter is over.