5 April 2004

Preparing Madly

Well, Festival is now only four days away. I spent the weekend madly getting ready. Did lots of washing, made up another 10kg of tomatos into sauce. I think this batch is better cause the tomatos were riper. I also managed to get a few projects out of the way, got a banner made up for sticking outside the tent. Now I've just got to work out how to fly it (which may be done with velcro dots if I get desparate). I finished off my cloak and put some quick embroidery around the front edge to keep the seams in place. I finished off my LOG pouch. I really wish I'd done that six months ago when it wasn't so important or time consuming!! But that is another project to have on my table for the LPT. So Festival preparation are just about under control. I have a few things to do, like putting the kits together for my class, and one or two small things for my clothes, but apart from that the panic of last week has subsided a bit.

On the "could have been an absolute disaster front", I put my mobile phone through a complete wash cycle on the weekend. Didn't even notice until I was hanging the shorts on the line. I was so mad at myself for not checking the shorts before I put them in the wash. Anyway, I pulled the phone apart, pulled out the battery and sim card etc and left it to dry on the kitchen table. Luckily, it was a nice hot day. I let it dry all day. When Adam got home, I put it back together and we tried it. Nothing. So we put it in the charger and left it for 10 mins to get a bit of a charge, then tried again. It worked!! So I put it back on the charger. It was fully charged after about 4 hours, I turned it on and its been going ever since. I used it yesterday and the only problem I can see is that the up arrow key doesn't work. Considering I thought it was completely broken and I still had 18 months on my contract, I can live with the not working key. So if you are thinking of buying a new phone, I can heartily recommend Nokia. I always liked them, now I will not buy anything else.