1 April 2004

Thanks to Jennie!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jennie for helping me set up MT on my website. I probably won't move this blog, its quite happy where it is, but I might set up a couple of others just cause I can.

On a sewing type note, I finished putting hooks and eyes on my last dress last night. I have brought it with me to work to sew up the front seem (which I will do at lunch). Then its at a wearable stage. Also, after much grunting and other scary noises, I actually managed to get my tent back into the tent bag it came in. I think some sort of Time Lord/TARDIS factor came into play there. But whatever the physics involved it saved me several hours of having to make a new tent bag to take to Festival. All I had to do was draw my badge on it for identification purposes.