10 May 2004

New Blogger and More on Class

It seems that I have hooked another person on embroidery. Sam tells me that he has been sitting, chatting and embroidering for the last five hours. His fingers are sore but he can't stop. My mission here is complete. Muuaahhh (evil manical laugh of world domination!).

Also, Blogger has had an upgrade. If you publish through Blogger you might want to check out the new templates. Before there were only half a dozen to choose from. Now there are 5 times that many and some quite nice ones at that.

Comments. Also, a big problem with Blogger has been not having a native comments feature. This meant you had to mess around with third party comment suppliers. With the upgrade, comments are now part of Blogger. I am going to enable them and see how they work.


This is a test of the new Blogger comment feature.