11 May 2004

Sleeves and New Class Idea

I finished edging my sleeves last night. They now have matching black tape around them. I brought them to work today and I will start putting the buttons on. If I bring them to work everyday, I should get them done by the weekend. I want them done by the weekend because my SCA group will be doing a demo at the annual Shakespeare Festival up at Glouchester. This has the added advantage that this is where my Dad lives. And since its a good 2 hrs drive away and I don't have a licence, I don't get up there much. This way I can help my group (as I am about the only one in the group who actually has an Elizabethan personna!) and visit Dad at the same time.

Also, my heavy weight buckram (proper buckram with cardboard in it!) and millinary wire arrived last night. So after I finished the sleeves, I cut out another brim and sewed on the wire. Tonight I need to bind the edge and maybe add the mulling (interlining). I still haven't decided if I am adding this yet, as it may be still to heavy. If I can get that far, I should be able to finish the hat tomorrow night.

I watched Survivor. I still can't believe none of them got together to break up Rob and Amber when they had the chance. Ah well, with the popular vote, I reckon Rupert is gonna get the money.

For my new class idea, I want to put together a handout with very basic patterns for decorating early period garb (pre-1300's). I want something that someone with a basic understanding of sewing can do. So I am thinking of something along the lines of a handout with pictures of examples of typical garb of the period, then a couple of pages of patterns that people can use. Maybe some colour ideas or material suggestions. Even maybe how to use the same pattern for diffent classes of garb, form peasent to court garb, just by changing materials etc. I will put the finished handout on my website so that other people can use it. So if you have any ideas or pointers to resources, please feel free to drop me a line.