29 August 2004

Sunday Sewing

I started the day by half an hour of driving lessons. Adam is getting pissed at me that I still don't have my licence and they I wasn't even taking lessons, so I bit the bullet. I think I remembered everything from the last time I was practising. I spent half an hour driving around my suburb, lots of stopping and starting. Didn't bunny hop the car once. Definately getting the hang of the whole gear changing thing.

With that out of the way I sat down for roughly six hours of stitching on the Masters Device I am working on. Got all the fiddley white lillies done. All I need to do now is the green background. Hopefully, I can get it done by this weekend, then I will have finished all the Guild stuff I have volunteered for and I can start working on my own stuff.

This is progress at 10hrs total.