5 September 2004

Cleaning and Sewing

Usual Sunday of cleaning and house work followed by some sewing in the afternoon. I pulled out my Anglo-Saxon collar. I bit the bullet and got the iron nice and hot and steam pressed the stuffing out of it. It flattened the puckers out quite effectively. So I kept going. I marked the shape, cut it out and tacked down the inner and outer edges. These were then pressed. I then cut the slit in the front of the neckline. I was planning on turning a tiny seam and then sewing that down, but once I cut it, with the fray stop down each edge, it wasn't fraying, so I decided to just over sew the edge. This worked really well. Then I sewed down the inner and outer turned seams. Pulled out the taking. It worked perfectly. I need to clean the cat fur off the dress and then I will take a proper photo. Only problem is that now I have no excuse not to do the cuffs!