4 September 2004

Lochac Guilds Ascension Day

I spent until late last night trying to get the Masters Device finished for this morning. I couldn't do it. This is it at 14 hrs work.

Well, early start this morning. I was up at 5am for the trip to Sydney. I managed to get a lift with a couple of other people so I managed to avoid having to get the train. Got to their house early and we left on time (I mention this because anyone who is familiar with the SCA will know that this is a miraculous event!). The trip was smooth and the people knew where they were going, so we didn't get lost.

We arrived a bit late but not too bad. The Guilds Ascension Day is basically where all the Guilds (Cooks, Scribes, Broiderers, Dance, Rapier etc) get together, have classes and just hang out. I stayed mainly with the Worshipful Company of Broiderers and I conducted a slide show of pre-16th Century embroidery. I'd found the slides in the library at work. We knew most of the works but did find a couple of piece that we had never seen or heard of before, so that was fun.

We had a bit of delay starting back home, but got away eventually, and they dropped me home which saved me waiting for the ferry. Was home by 8.30pm. A long, but enjoyable day.