9 December 2004

Driving and Stitching

Still more driving lessons. I drove to Swansea again the night of the first driving instructor lesson and I was fine. I really think the problem is getting used to a new car. Got another lesson today. I got a night off for good behaviour last night. Adam blew up bits of the back up computer and we had to buy supplies. So my lesson for last night was some heavy traffic peak hour stuff at shopping centres. Did pretty good. Forgot to check blind spot a couple of times but did OK merging into traffic and finding gaps for going around corners etc. Still only getting 50% on the really steep hill starts though.

On the stitching front, I managed to get the first stitches into my Elizabethan sweetbag. I had a headache, and stuffed up the stitch direction, but nothing that can't be hidden later on!

Finally, thanks to everyone who has emailed and left comments about my driving experiences. It really is appreciated.