7 December 2004

Some Days, You Just Can't Win


More driving lessons last night. Just had one during my lunchbreak at work. Sometimes you just can't win. I gave the driving instructor pretty clear instructions to find me a work. I was standing there, waiting for him. He went the right way at the round about, then made a sharp left (that was NEVER) in the instructions. As I start to run after him, he reverses back and goes back around the roundabout, turning left and entering the bowels of Uni. All the while, I'm close enough to see it all happening. I took this as an ill omen. I was right. I made so many stuff ups, mainly cause the driving school car is so much better than ours. Much more sensitive. And evertime I did something, he said no, don't do it that way. Except that Adam has been yelling at me for the last month to do it that way and now I am totally confused.

I think on somethings the Instructor is right, but on others I'm not so sure. Like for pulling up to a complete stop, he says there is no need to work your way down through the gears (I'm learning on a manual) from say 4th, to 1st. He says its all right to come to a stop in 3rd and then put into 1st to take off. Now that might work in his car but if I do that in our car, it would be stalling. So now I am totally confused. And of course, when I tell Adam this, his comment is that it's my fault, I should've gone to the Instructor sooner and I wouldn't be doing things wrong!! So now I am just totally over the whole thing. I think best course is a few more lessons, get my hours up and go for the test. Then when I fail, they can tell me what I was doing wrong and I will know for sure. After all, it's their opinion that matters most.