17 May 2006

Making Progress - Sweetbag

I finally feel like I am making progress! The tent stitch is still slow going. So last night before I started on that, I got out my coif pattern and got the transfer ready. Tonight I will put it on the linen. I am thinking of doing two lots, one to do in polychrome and one to do in blackwork. I'd like to have examples of the two main sorts of embroidered coifs.

I also managed to get 3 hours done on the sweetbag, in between being distracted by Survivor and yes, I hate to admit it, Big Brother. I had originally planned to do all the black outlines, but I found this very tedious, so my plan now is to work in sections - outline, fill, goldwork, then next bit. It gives the impression of making headway. If I did all the goldwork, then I would be faced with many, many hours of tent stitch.