16 May 2006

More On Plaited Braid Stitch

Thanks for the nice comments on the plaited braid stitch. It really does make any piece just look right. I've heard people say it was easy to learn, but never believed them. Now that I have got my head around it, it is not too bad. I tried following Leon Conrads instructions, but in the end, it was a one page hand out with three images that helped me learn it. The key to figuring out the stitch is realising it is a three step stitch, where you only do the first to steps once, each time you begin working each section of your design. You then repeat the third stitch for however long needed. And to keep my mind straight when doing the final stage, a mantra of "over, under" then "under, over" really helps.

I am keen to get my coif started. I am using exactly the same floral designs as the sweet bag, but will be using detatched buttonhole instead of tent stitch. I want to start this because I think I will get more bang for my buck, ie much shinier silk with this technique.