21 October 2006

Shopping For Shoes

I went shopping today. Got an early start, wanted to the beat the traffic as the shopping centre I was going to can be a bit of a nightmare. And can someone please explain to me the logic of the car park opening 5 minutes AFTER the shops open?

Anyway, I went for and got a pair of shoes. I am trying to improve the shoes I wear to work. Normally I live in my white runners, but I think I need to upgrade. So I got a nice pair of Sage Colorado wedge heal strappy things.

I also got season two of Miami Vice! Just need to get the second half of Season One back off my Dad so I can watch it!!

Got home and was very tired, but did a bit of washing. I also got the third of my Rooster tea towels out and did a couple of hours on it. Just the day to go on it. Then I am might start doing some of my bluebird set. I am going to alternate between bluebird and rooster.