8 February 2007

Klosterstitch Transfer

I worked on the pattern for the klosterstitch hanging last night. The back has now had the transfer pencil applied and I filled in a couple of sections where I'd left pattern off. Somewhere in the last few days, I've lost the original pattern, which I was going to use as a template to work out what to put in the quatrefoils. I must have put them away when I was cleaning up on the weekend, but I've looked everywhere I would've put them and can't find them. No big drama.

So tonight I will get the linen background fabric out and put the design on and then get it on the frame. Might even get some wool into it.

The air con has broken down at work, if it's not fixed in an hour, we might get sent home!! Yeah.


I am very looking forward to see your final design/pattern :D