29 June 2007

S.E.X - Stash Enhancement eXperience

P1020338, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I went to the big annual craft show down in Sydney today. I go every year, it's my only trip to Sydney. I caught the train down, so I had two hours of sewing time. I worked on my 1930's quilt. Got a few blocks finished. Caught the light rail to Darling Harbour.

I like to get there nice and early before the crowds. I was mainly looking for more 1930's fabrics. I was able to find quite a few 30's prints. I also got a heap of pinks as well, including some quite wild patterns (well, wild for me!). I think I will use some of the pinks to make some cushions with embroidery on them.

I also picked up some plain ecru linen for doing some Vogart stuff on.

There weren't has many scrapbook shops as previous years, so I didn't end up getting anything scrapbooky at all.

Headed home about 2pm, had a quiet run home. Got in the door about 5.30pm

P1020346, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.


I don't do quilting and patchwork, but that doesn't stop me looking at these gorgeous fabrics longingly! What is it about pretty fabrics that makes you want to buy more and more? I have succumbed and bought fat quarters now and then, just because I couldn't resist it! I ended up making cushions out of some of them, but the others are just waiting...

LOVE it!! So yummy...all those fabrics. I could look at them all afternoon. We need to have tea and just spend time talking and touching them!

gottta love those 30's Laren!
I just went through my 30's stash and it was VERY scary.. if super dags (aka DH) ever found out how much that stash COST me I think he'd have a coronary..
Thanks for sharing your pic!