18 September 2007

Slips - All - In Progress

Slips - All - In Progress, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I thought I'd post a progress shot to show what the full piece of fabric looks like. I have to decide what colour fabric to put them on. What do people think? Red, blue, green, black?


Those colors just pop! Your stitching is lovely.

As for the fabric color, nothing to dark to compete with the flowers, is MHO.

Great job!

I love it. The colors are wonderful

love it love it love it!! have you considered yellow or orange?

Huh.. I thought they were all on seperate bits of fabrics. Duh, better start paying attention! ;)

I'm thinking green for the background fabric, to compliment the leaves and stems.


Well, I didn't actually say anywhere that they were on the same bit of fabric. When doing this sort of technique, you get less wastage of fabric and less problems with fraying if you cut out after the embroidery has been done.