27 April 2008

Pink Knitted Pillow @ 8 Hrs

Pink Knitted Pillow @ 8 Hrs, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

The main reason I want to get better at knitting is so I can make myself a nice Aran jumper. I had one that my Nan made me when I was younger but it got washed incorrectly and ended up just being big enough for a small teddy bear.

So I found this pattern in a knitting magazine that I thought would make a nice practice piece. I've never followed a pattern before, so I thought I'd start with something that is more complicated than a scraf but not as difficult as a full jumper.

It's a cushion cover. I had to restart the damn thing 4 times until I realised that the pattern was wrong by two stitches on the caston and that's why it was going wonky!!

I'm using 100% wool that they have really cheap at my supermarket. Good enough for practicing with. This is about 8 hrs (I wasn't really keeping too much track of the time).